Gmail Hacker Tool Fake Tool For Gmail Account Hacking

Gmail Hacker Tool Fake Tool For Gmail Account Hacking.

Hello Friends, Today i will tell you about an awesome Gmail hacking tool which is freely available on internet. but this tool is totally fraud, i am disclosing this information because the main aim if Indian Cyber Army and is to provide right information to all of you. First of all i am telling you that email hacking is not easy task as some fake hackers are saying they can hack gmail, yahoo, msn etc. Hackers are sharing this software tool with some awesome titles i.e Hack Gmail Accounts using Gmail Hacker” or“Gmail Hacker : A superb Gmail Account Hacking tool”. but this gmail hacking tool is used to hack users credentials that user gonna use to hack somebody’s gmail account.


Let’s discuss about this tool in Detail :-

Gmail Hacker Tool Fake Tool

Second thing is that it is a good example of social engineering tools. which can be used in either way like Hacking someone’s Gmail account and at same time loosing your Gmail Account( if not handled with extreme care). So friends which process you all wanna learn first. Hacking one or getting Hacked one.. or both at same time going step by step :P .

Requirements :-

Microsoft .net framework

Gmail Hack Tool

Now lets start the step by step procedure of hacking gmail account :P

Step 1:- Download and Install .net Framework

Step 2 :- Download Gmail hack tool.

step 3 :- Run Gmail hack tool look like This >>

Gmail Hacker Tool Fake Tool

Step 4:- enter the details in the fields shown…

However I would recommend you to create a fake email address and use it for receiving logs.


Step 5 :- A file named gmailhacker.exe would be created, On executing the file, the victim will see the following:

Gmail Hacker Tool Fake Tool

Step 6 :- Ask the Victim to try that software to hack others email and some how convince him to run that software and enter all information (which includes his Gmail id and password plus Gmail ID of the victim he want to hack).


Step 7 :- Once the victim clicks on the “Hack Them” button, his own gmail credentials that he entered would be sent to you on the email you typed while configuring the software.
After Performing this task it will show an error message i.e
Gmail Hacker Tool Fake Tool
Now i hope you all understood which part you need to provide credentials and which part you need to provide the fake account credentials that you have recently created.

If you have any doubts ask me in form of comments.