How To Punish A Hacker – How can you punish a hacker?

How To Punish A Hacker – How can you punish a hacker?
Punishing a Hacker is not a very easy task but after getting many mails from our daily visitors, we are going to tell you the way of Punishing a Hacker.
First Way >> Collect the Information of Hacker be it IP Address, Geographical Location and other relative information about the hackers. After that try to trace the hackers by Ip address and others but i am sure if he/she is a hacker, you can’t do this very easily, you need to take the help from professional hackers or other Ethical Hackers.
How can I punish a hacker?
Second Way >> You don’t punish the hacker easily.But The law does. Just report whatever pieces of information you have to the police and let them handle it.

My Instruction >>> However, it is very unlikely that the attacker will be caught. The IP address you posses most likely belongs to another system that the attacker has compromised and is using as a proxy. Just treat it as a lesson learnt and move on.
Third Way Of Tracing A Hacker >> If you have the IP Address Used in the process of hacking your website or other data.. Congratulations!!!“”

What makes you believe that this IP is indeed a hacker’s IP address, and not simply another hacked into computer running in zombie mode? And who is to say, that your own web server didn’t run in exactly the same zombie mode until you removed the shells installed through, as you say, later identified backdoor?  “”
Reality >> It is Very Difficult or Impossible to Trace a Hacker or Punish a Hacker.

Depending on your jurisdiction, your case might just be too minor to entice capable law enforcement agencies to track down your attacker. Of course, officially, they’ll never tell you that. You’ll report it, and they’ll tell you they’ll do the best they can.

Fourth Way And Final Way >> Contact your local computer crime police office, file a complaint and press charges against unknown individuals, hand over the IP address and you might get lucky.

That’s all after that you can’t do anything for punishing a hacker.