How To Unblock Torrent Sites in India on Airtel, MTNL, TATA,

How To Unblock Torrent Sites in India on Airtel, MTNL, TATA,

Torrents are widely used download medium for all world internet users but after the orders of supreme court many ISP’s blocks the torrents sites like Torrentz, h33t, and many more. but after some time on 20th May reliance ISP has unblocked the torrent websites but other ISP’s still blocking the torrent websites. So friends, today i am going to teach how to unblock torrent websites in India specially on AIRTEL, MTNL and BSNL broadband services.

 Unblock torrent websites in India

Unblock torrent websites in India

First Trick For Opening Blocked Torrent Sites :-

Use HTTPS instead of HTTP – As ISP’s have only blocked HTTP web version of websites, you can directly access all torrent websites using HTTPS instead of HTTP.So you can open url of the torrent site in this format :

Second Trick For Opening Blocked Torrent Sites :-

Using many torrent proxy you can easily access the blocked torrent sites. unblocking torrents sites using proxy servers. List of many proxy servers given below :-

Unblock Torrent sites

2. Select any Proxy server from above list. Lets say I opened :

3. Scroll Down to bottom. You will see a box. Enter the Blocked Site URL(e.g. in the box and Click on Visit.

4. It will open with a proxy and hence you will able to browse that site without any problem.

Third Trick For Opening Blocked Torrent Sites :-

Change the DNS to public or free DNS servers say Google ( and, Norton ( or or any other public DNS that can be easily found.

Norton DNS: Protects you from phishing websites.
Go to your network connection then select status and then click on properties below the Activity there select the IPV4 and click on properties. There at below you see ” use the following DNS name” there fill the primary DNS and alternate DNS servers. Apply it and enjoy the torrents… :P
Fourth Trick For Opening Blocked Torrent Sites :-
Use VPN: A free VPN can also come to your rescue. All you need to do is download and install a free VPN client. After this, all the URL requests of the blocked websites can be easily bypassed through it. Among several others, providers such as freevpn, supervpn and vpnreactor give you such free service.
These tricks will also work for many other blocked websites in India. i think now you all can easily open the blocked websites. Please share this Article with your all friends…